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ABESS, s.r.o. is a company with many years of experience and tradition.

It provides engineering services and supplies environmental protection equipment and technologies for the areas of water, soil, air and hazardous waste. We also supply biotechnology for livestock production. We produce the HARMONIC series of enzymatic preparations.

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Technologies and services

We apply modern solutions and effective technologies that ensure very good results.

In the field of wastewater treatment, it primarily concerns membrane technologies that enable even heavily loaded municipal and, in particular, industrial wastewater to be treated while achieving a high level of water quality in the treated water.

We carry out water-saving projects in various industrial sectors. By effectively purifying process water using treatment plants that we have designed, we enable the water to be recirculated back into the production process thus creating a closed process water circuit.

We use biotechnology for the bioremediation of hazardous waste, groundwater and surface water, soil and waste containing various types of organic substances. Biotechnologies ensure hazardous organic substances are broken down in an efficient and environmentally safe manner.

We supply municipal water treatment plants with a membrane reactor (MBR system), allowing investment costs to be minimized whilst achieving high treatment efficiency and the treated water can be used to irrigate land.

We can also offer deliveries of compact container wastewater treatment plants and domestic WWTP, which are fast and easy to install and have high water treatment efficiency.

As concerns air protection, we supply biofilters that provide effective removal of odours and organic substances from the air in various types of industrial plants.


29 years of success on the market

We use modern technologies in our treatment plants and other facilities. This guarantees operational efficiency and a quick return on the money invested.


Abess was founded 29 years ago. Since then we have been successfully operating on the market in the Czech Republic and in the EU.


During our existence we have implemented more than 1457 projects of various sizes.


Our satisfied clients. Both small and large private companies as well as customers from state administration.

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