Minimizing process water consumption in industry

Effective cleaning of process water to increase its long-term use.

We provide highly efficient process water treatment making it possible to use it in the long-term use with the creation of closed circuits for process water. Operating costs are significantly reduced, especially for water and sewage, the consumption of cooling emulsions and the negative environmental impacts are kept at a minimum.

We cooperate with our customers whilst implementing the measures to meet the requirements of ISO 14000 standards. Our project solutions provide customers with a quick return on the money invested.


The technologies and products used

Process water recirculation

Process water is an essential medium for ensuring production. In many cases the process water becomes contaminated and it is then released as wastewater. From an environmental and economic point of view this is not a particularly effective way to treat the water.

Minimizing process water consumption

It is used in plants, especially engineering plants, where, from the point of view of health, it is possible to implement a two-stage system that first ensures effective cleaning of the process water and then returns the cleaned water into the production process in the second stage.

This means a closed circuit is formed that is only replenished for losses during production or from evaporation.

The advantages of implementation

  • Implementation of closed process water systems is highly effective from an economic and environmental point of view.
  • The return on investment is usually faster than that on investment in production equipment.
  • The reduction of process water consumption and the level of its treatment is a significant intensification factor in many plants, which can significantly reduce operating costs, improve profitability and competitiveness whilst at the same time reducing negative environmental impacts.

Solutions for various operations

  • We offer comprehensive solutions to the issue of process water management in various industrial plants.